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      We are 100% committed to offer solutions to water flow shutdowns, remedial repairs, basements, concrete tanks, man holes, concrete repair, concrete waterproofing and more.

      You can see an overview of our specialties below.

      • Car park basements
      • Shopping centre car parks
      • Brick work
      • Block walls
      • Planter boxes
      • Concrete pools, spas and ponds
      • Rising damp
      • Concrete structural repairs
      • Concrete tanks
      • Man holes
      • Pump stations
      • Lift pits
      • Joint sealing and repairs
      • Stabilisation and void filling
      • Pipe penetration sealing
      • Balconies
      • High water flow shut down
      • Negative side coatings (interior)
      • Cementitious grouting (void filling/stabilisation etc)
    • Basement Waterproofing

      Water coming through the basement walls, floor joints, stair cases, ceilings or cracks in the slab/foundations in basements often leads to a string of larger problems. We specialise in basement waterproofing and have been providing solutions to clients for over 20 years.

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    • Concrete Repair

      Concrete repair can occur in almost any concrete structure. We provide solutions to fix your problem, big or small.

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    • Chemical Injection Systems

      Chemical Injection is the process of injecting (with pressure) chemicals (normally Polyurethane or Epoxy) into concrete structures to eliminate water ingress, protect reinforcement or bring back structural integrity.

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    • Blockwall & Brickwork Sealing

      Water ingress through blockwalls or brickwork can be very frustrating and lead to a range of problems. To fix these problems, we use a variety of tried and tested methods.

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    • Protective Coating Systems

      Do you need to protect your concrete from highly trafficable areas? Areas exposed to heavy machinery such as generators, air conditioners, cranes, shipping equipment etc? A protective coating system could be the solutions you’re looking for.

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    • Pools & Water Features

      Cracked concrete through your pool or water feature can cause many problems. Amongst others, the constant loss of water can be frustrating and costly.

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