Basement Waterproofing

    • Water coming through the basement walls, floor joints, stair cases, ceilings or cracks in the slab/foundations in basements often leads to a string of larger problems.

      Some common complaints are:

      • Water ingress
      • Slippery surfaces
      • Damage to vehicles and machinery
      • Personal injury
      • Damage to reinforcement
      • Reduced structural integrity

      These are all problems that we can help you fix. We specialise in basement waterproofing and have been providing solutions to clients for over 20 years.

    • We waterproof basements by using a variety of specialist techniques, including (but not limited to):

      Chemical Injection: this is an injection system which works to stop water ingress through concrete structures. Chemical Injection is particularly effective within basements as often they need to be fixed from the inside as the outside is not accessible. Polyurethane or Epoxy is injected into the affected areas, filling the crack or void from within and preventing any further water ingress. It acts as a physical barrier within the crack or void that the water can’t pass through. This can be completed to fix a number of problems within basements, including cracks in the concrete slab/foundations, floor wall joints, vertical joints, pipe penetrations, lift pits, control joints, and walls (block wall, concrete panels, brickwork etc).

      Negative Side Coating Systems: Following the chemical injection to shut down water ingress, a negative side coating system is applied to provide the surfaces with the protection they need to further reduce the risk of water ingress. Depending on the surface and the job at hand, we have a variety of systems that we use to ensure the right products and systems are used for the job.

      Drainage: This is an important part of any overall waterproofing solution as the water needs to get away efficiently. Although we are not plumbers we often work alongside them to provide a total solution that will work to solve the problem.

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